Mesotherapy is a simple procedure in which we inject with the help of very small needles (dermapen or injectables) bioactive substances such as vitamins, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid solutions into the lower dermis.


When we apply a substance to the skin, a small percentage of it is absorbed and the absorption depends on many factors (e.g. molecule size of the substance, skin condition, humidity, etc.).


Using mesotherapy we create small channels in the epidermis through which active substances can easily penetrate and reach the dermis.


This maximizes the effect of our treatments and is applicable to anti-ageing, scar, melasma, hydration and firming treatments.


Mesotherapy and Dermapen:

  • In the dermis, multiple microinjuries mobilize its healing mechanism.
  • Locally, microhemorrhage, aseptic inflammation and subsequent production of cellular growth factors are created.
  • All this leads to the activation of fibroblasts and the production of collagen and elastin molecules, proteoglycans and other structural proteins of the layer.
  • Of course, repeated treatments are required to continue tissue reconstruction and induce collagenogenesis, which is a process that takes time


The basic protocol is 4 – 6 sessions. However, mesotherapy is individualized according to the needs of the skin


What are the results of mesotherapy and how long do they last?

Results vary depending on the type of treatment and its goal. In general, the results are visible after the second or third session. They last if combined with proper skin care, proper diet and proper habits.