Second Level Ultrasound

22 weeks pregnant

In this session, each part of the fetus's body is examined with specific measurements and compared with existing measurements.


Special emphasis is placed on the development of the brain, face, spine, heart, stomach, intestine, kidneys and limbs.


Question: How reliable is B-level ultrasound in detecting fetal malformations?


The answer is that it is generally considered very reliable, but not completely.


There are abnormalities in the constitution that are detected in a percentage above 90% (eg anencephaly, spina bifida) and abnormalities that are difficult to find (eg major cardiac abnormalities).


However, as of today, level b ultrasound is the most useful tool available for pregnancy monitoring.


According to international data, β-level ultrasound can diagnose major anomalies in 73.7% and minor anomalies in 55% - in other words, it cannot find them all.


So it is important to know this information in order to know what to expect from each exam!


Question : What else is seen on the second-level ultrasound?


In addition to the above, in the β-level ultrasound we can measure the length of the cervix to highlight those women who are at increased risk for premature birth and take the necessary medical or surgical measures!


It will also show us the position of the placenta, the growth of the fetus as well as the flow of blood in the uterine arteries, in order to identify mothers with an increased risk of Preeclampsia in time.