BOTOX (botulinum toxin)

Botox is a toxin that achieves the relaxation of facial muscles that cause expressive and static wrinkles.


It can be applied from the age of 25 years and above in women and men. It is not necessary to have wrinkles in order to have botox, but it is also used as a preventive measure.


It is applied to wrinkles present in the middle of the forehead, forehead, lips, neck and eye area.


The results are visible 5-7 days after application and last 4-7 months depending on the person's habits and how severe the wrinkles are. After each application we recommend a review at 14 days. For 24 hours after application, exercise, the sauna, rubbing the face as well as work that requires a bent face should be avoided. The treatment has no contraindications except during periods of pregnancy, breastfeeding and also in myopathies.