3D Ultrasound 3D – 4D

Technology now allows us to have 3D imaging of the fetus.


The three-dimensional image (3D) results from the composition of several two-dimensional images.


In the most advanced machines, we can see the fetus in three dimensions in real time (4D), that is, we can see the fetus moving.


The great advantage of three-dimensional 3D and four-dimensional 4D ultrasound is that it gives us the pleasure of seeing the fetus, the developing baby in real time moving in its natural environment.


In our practice, with the possibilities provided by the state-of-the-art color ultrasound machine Voluson 730 P SRI, the couple is able to see their baby in three dimensions at every appointment, move live four-dimensionally in space and see his facial features!


In this way, this couple has an immediate image of their baby, more realistic and more "true" which contributes to the further "bonding" of the couple with the "coming" new member of the family.