Instructions for pregnancy

The monitoring of the pregnant woman according to doctor Kalogirou, a combination of medicine from the countries where he trained and worked.
  • With the positive pregnancy test we start folic acid 400 mg dosage necessary to prevent spina bifida and fetal development
  • At 6+ weeks, a transvaginal ultrasound is performed to check fetal position, number and heart function
  • We also do all prenatal screening tests as well as cystic fibrosis gene - we give a pregnancy guide.
  • At 9 weeks we repeat the ultrasound and see the pathological blood tests (e.g. thyroid, thyroid, CMV and we refer to the corresponding partner endocrinologist, hematologist etc.
  •  At 12 cervical transparency and pappa


In this week, the trophoblast also takes place (if the position of the placenta allows it)
  • In 14-15 weeks we will tell you the pass rate sheet 98% we will do gen exam. blood and urine
  • At 16 weeks we will do an A-test on some women, an older method of diagnosing syndromes that is still valuable and often in combination with cervical screening will give us a lot of additional information
  • At 17 weeks, we will selectively perform amniocentesis in some women
  • At 19 weeks we will do a fetal heart ultrasound in women with a family history of heart disease
  • At 22 weeks we will do b level and fetal heart check
  • On the 25th we will see you at the doctor's office and you will have general blood tests, urine, etc
  • On the 29th we will see the development of the embryo you will be informed about stem cells and you will take lessons on painless childbirth
  • On the 32nd the Doppler will be done – although in our practice we do doppler at every visit and start the first cardiotogram
  • On the 35th we will again do an ultrasound of fetal development and tests of vaginal fluid for group B streptococcus
  • At 38+ we will perform a caesarean section on women who have given birth by caesarean section or want to give birth naturally after a caesarean section
  • At 40 weeks we recommend induction of labour