Pelvic Inflammation

By the term pelvic inflammation we define the disease of the internal genital organs of the woman, which is caused by some microorganisms.


In other words, it is an inflammation of the fallopian tubes, ovaries or the surrounding tissues and walls that create the anatomical cavity of the pelvis from microbes.


It is a condition very common in the female population and especially in young women due to their intense sexual life.


It is mainly due to sexually transmitted organisms such as gonococcus and chlamydia that invade the genital tract after an ascending infection from the vagina.


In this way, germs are also transferred to women who have endometrial coils (spiral).


It occurs mainly with severe abdominal pain in the hypogastric region accompanied by fever (>38) and an increase in vaginal secretions.


The discharge is usually foul-smelling.


Several times it manifests atypically without the above symptoms and its diagnosis becomes more difficult.


Dysuric disorders are also very often observed.


The diagnosis of pelvic inflammation, in addition to the clinical picture we described above, is made in the laboratory with an increase in white cells, an increase in TKE and CRP.


A gynecological ultrasound is also necessary, during which a swelling of the part and the presence of reactive fluid in the small pelvis are revealed.


The immediate treatment of such a situation is also considered very important for reasons of infertility, as recurrent infections of the fallopian tubes and ovaries have been shown to increase the rates of infertility and the predisposition to ectopic pregnancy.


The treatment consists in the use of antibiotics, either intravenously or orally, depending on the severity of the condition.


There are various regimens of double or even triple antibiotics to cover pathogenic microorganisms.


They are usually treatments given for 14 days or more.


It is advisable that the partner receives some kind of treatment as well as abstinence from sexual activity.


Ioannis Kalogirou – OB/GYN