Virtue Painesi


Masters of Science in Diabetes mellitus & Obesity at the School of Medicine of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.
Master of Science in Human Nutrition specializing in clinical nutrition, University of Glasgow, Scotland.
Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Food Science after three years of study at the University of Reading, UK.


The aforementioned degrees are recognized in accordance with Law 3328/2005, with number 24619 and the judgments of the competent bodies of the Department of University Accreditation of the D.O.A.T.A.P.


Graduated from the High School of the American College of Agia Paraskevi.



Foreign Languages:


French (Level b2)
English (Excellent level)



Professional experience:


01/09/2015-today: Self-employed dietitian responsible for treating gastrointestinal, endocrinological, nephrological, dystrophic and obese cases.


01/09/2017-today: Collaboration with the endocrinologist-diabetologist G.K. Papageorgiou of military medicine, dietary monitoring of his cases.


01/09/2017-today: Unpaid dietitian of the outpatient clinics of the Advanced Laparoscopic-Endoscopic Surgery Unit of the G.NA "Ippokrateio" under the charge of the Professor of the University of Athens Leandros Emmanuel.


01/01/2015-today: Scientific associate of IASO Children, responsible for the dietary treatment of gastrointestinal, endocrinological, nephrological, dystrophic and obese cases.


01/2012-05/2015: Principal researcher - dietitian/nutritionist in charge of the program financed through the NSRF "CHINA" of the Endocrinology, Metabolism and Diabetes Unit, Medical School of Athens at the Eugenide Hospital with Scientific Manager Professor G.P. Gold. The following were performed: evaluation of the action of Stevia rebaudiana plant glycosides and its enriched forms with vitamins A and D, which included monitoring the compliance of participants who will receive a low-calorie diet, anthropometric measurements, clinical examination of patients, measurements metabolic and hormonal indicators and their monitoring, indicators of cardiovascular function, measurements of vitamins A and D, participation in the meetings of the management team and, as the case may be, scientific meetings of the project management team, presentation of the research results both to the research team and to on a case-by-case basis, scientific meetings, continuous updating of the patient file and any other related administrative work.


11/2011-06/2012: Internship
GNA "Hippocrateo" & "Thriasio"
Community Structures (KAPI Tavros-Moschatos)


06-08/2011: “Golden Bless”, manager of olive oil promotion in Calgary, Canada.


09/2010-06/2011: "Agia Sophia" Children's Hospital, unpaid dietitian in outpatient clinics:
of Obesity with the scientific manager, Assistant Professor, P. Pervanidou.
Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus with the scientific supervisor, Associate Professor, K. Kanakas.




Club member


Member of the Panhellenic Association of Dietitians - Nutritionists






24/2014: "Healthy nutrition and childhood obesity" Peristeri 9th high school in the framework of the conference on childhood obesity held nationwide.


11/2011-06/2012: "Healthy diet" KAPI Tavrou-Moschatou






Publication in a scientific journal
H Duncan1*, A Painesi2*, E Buchanan1, P McGrogan3, K Gerasimidis2, G Walker4, G Haddock4, RK Russell3 “Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy placement in pediatric patients with Crohn's Disease improves both nutrition and growth”, Journal of Pediatric Surgery


Publications in magazines and on the internet
Editors' Journal
-Nutrition helps the brain.


Free Sunday:
-Where is the sugar hiding?
-Nutrition and immune system.
My child: The magazine of the First University Pediatric Clinic of the "Agia Sophia" Children's Hospital
The bitter truth of sugar.
Greek Mediterranean Diet.


– Children's nutrition in the summer
– My child only eats his "favorite" foods and refuses to try the rest, resulting in a lack of variety in his diet.
-The tithe, the importance of the child's proper nutrition at school.


Blog Christodoulou Family
– Pomegranate juice and its cardioprotective properties.
– Pomegranate juice and its strong anti-cancer properties.




Other Skills, Hobbies & Interests:


HACCP diploma holder.
Computer skills (ECDL, SPSS diploma).
Driving License.
Lifeguard diploma.
Engaged in modern dance.
Seminars (Continuous training by attending seminars, in the field of nutrition, at regular intervals. All certificates available).