Thin Prep

Thin prep is a liquid phase cytological technique, which was first used in 1996 in the USA.


With this method, the diagnostic accuracy in examining vaginal and cervical Pap smears is significantly increased, reaching an accuracy of approximately 90%.


Other advantages of this method are that the sample is properly preserved, i.e. the material remains unchanged as it is immediately kept in a suitable liquid.


In addition, detection and typing of human wart virus (HPV) strains, as well as identification of chlamydia and other microorganisms (eg mycoplasma, ureaplasma) can be performed at the same time.


Pap and HPV TEST


What we should know, what we should be concerned about.


The Pap smear is a routine test that all women should have from the beginning of their sexual life and annually thereafter.


It is one of the routine examinations and screenings for cervical cancer, which are applied today with the aim of identifying possible pathological cells or abnormal cells on the cervix and at the same time it is the first line of detection of the HPV virus which is now tending to acquire an epidemic image after it reaches over 50 to 55 % of the female population today.


Yannis Kalogirou
Obstetrician gynecologist
Certified in diagnostic colposcopy